Family owned and operated since 2015

Our Mission

To help bring our communities together with a curated cup of coffee.

Our Vision

To see everyone educated on the importance of health when it comes to coffee and tea products and your physical self.


Coffee for the pick me up, Yoga for the blood flow and Tea for the wind down.

Parker’s Cup strives to help small businesses like ourselves by providing the exposure small businesses are looking for by hosting events at different venues throughout the year. We support local charities by raising money for them before and during our events.

Parker’s Cup is dedicated to providing you with a great source for organic coffee and natural tea from around the world at affordable prices.

Our organic coffee is cultivated using the best and most environmentally friendly methods and without the use of chemicals or pesticides. We have exceptional gourmet teas, herbal teas, and tisanes from around the world. We not only have an extensive collection and unique finds, but these teas are of the highest quality as well.