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Coffee Characteristics & Roast Profiles

Characteristics of flavor greatly depend on the coffee bean; not only does it matter where the coffee beans are grown, at what elevation, the varietal of coffee tree, or how they are processed and dried, it also depends upon the roast applied to them.

Every single step of coffee cultivation can drastically change the flavor of the bean. The farmers, the soils, and even the weather have contributed to the natural and unique taste each bean carries. By the time our Roast master receives the raw coffee beans, they have already gained character and other flavors. We have created a chart to help you decide which coffee or coffees are right for you.

Not every coffee is roasted on the same level. We find the perfect roast profile for each gourmet coffee, and we small-batch roast to ensure even roasting. You’ll find that each coffee emits exceptional flavor and aroma, and all of our coffees are discernible from the other products within the common market.

Our way of roasting not only brings forth the natural flavors and oils from within the beans, but it will also add essences ranging from a light cinnamon to a bittersweet, caramel, or even smoky flavor. The roasting process is what separates good coffee from the extraordinary. Our Roast master is experienced and passionate about coffee; it is his job to celebrate the unique attributes of each gourmet coffee by creating the perfect roasting recipe and maintaining a consistent roast.

Most purchased in teas and tisane

Passion Fruit Flavors Tea
  • Break free from the everyday routine with Passion Fruit flavored tea. Chinese loose-leaf black tea is scented with calendula petals and blended with natural flavoring of passion, making for a unique cup of tea. The aroma of passion fruit is delightful and is sure to be intriguing. 
  • This makes an excellent iced tea and is sure to wow those you serve it to.
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Blue Eyes Tisane
  • The Blue Eyes Tisane Tea features rich, deep flavors of oranges, apples, rosehips, and hibiscus leaves. If you want a bright, refreshing flavor, the Blue Eyes Tisane Tea will hit the right spot with your taste buds! Its brilliance and flavor are exhilarating – whether you serve it hot or cold. 
  • Perfect for those that love citrus and apple-inspired flavors, this Blue Eyes Tisane Tea will revive your senses and treat you to a refreshing experience.
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We know that our customers have varied tastes and that sometimes those tastes change. We make it easy for our customers to find what they are looking for and to offer many options to choose from. With the same high standards placed on every coffee bean we roast, you can always expect to be receiving the best of our 100% High Grown Arabica coffee. At Parker’s Cup we are serious about our coffee and you can undoubtedly taste our dedication. 

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Most purchased in coffee blends and flavored coffee

Almond Toffee Nut Crunch
  • We lightly roast our Arabica coffee beans and generously combine them with the flavors of warm toasted almonds that have been roasted to perfection, creamy French caramel, and hints of bittersweet butterscotch. Almond Toffee Crunch flavored coffee brews into an exceptional cup of gourmet coffee that is both rich and flavorful. 
  • Freshly roasted the day it ships, our flavored coffee will be undeniably delicious! 
  • This flavored coffee contains nut extract.
Southern Pecan Flavored Coffee
  • Slowly roasted to perfection and flavored with extracts of Southern pecans, our Southern Pecan flavored coffee will give you a taste of what the Southeast is known for. A traditional warm greeting from the South with the flavors of wholesome, freshly roasted pecans infused into our hand-selected and 100% Arabica bean coffee creates a delicious flavored coffee that you’ll want to share. 
  • The Southeast is categorized as one of the world’s leading producers of pecans, and it’s not surprising that our Southern Pecan flavored coffee tastes just like homegrown pecans blended with gourmet coffee. Each sip will remind you of the true Southern hospitality. 
  • This flavored coffee contains nut extract.

The only time it’s acceptable to watch a barista at the bar is when you compliment their skills. “You’re so boss.”

Popular Teas & Tisane

Strawberry Peach Flavored Tea

Served hot it makes any morning into a happy one, poured over ice, and you have a treat for the whole family! Replace sugary juice with something you trust and truly enjoy, Strawberry Peach flavored tea.

Angel Falls Mist Tisane

This Angels Falls fruit tisane contains rosehips, hibiscus leaves, strawberry, and lemon. Tisane is not only an amazing drink when you sip it warm from a teacup, but also it is just as delicious poured over ice and sipped on a hot summer day. Your family can enjoy the taste, hot or cold, and you’ll feel great knowing that you are benefiting their bodies with each and every sip with a refreshing flavor each and every time. 

Passion Fruit Flavored Tea

Break free from the everyday routine with Passion Fruit flavored tea. Chinese loose-leaf black tea is scented with calendula petals and blended with natural flavoring of passion, making for a unique cup of tea. The aroma of passion fruit is delightful and is sure to be intriguing. 

This makes an excellent iced tea and is sure to wow those you serve it to.

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” — Henry James


We understand what it takes to be successful in the coffee industry, which is why we offer our gourmet coffee and coffee flavors at affordable wholesale prices, because we don’t think your supplies and necessities should break your budget. We take care of the supplying – you take care of your business.

If you’re still trying to get your very own coffee shop off the ground or want to add to what you are currently doing, our wholesale coffee packages could be just what you need to not only attract new customers, but to turn them into returning ones.

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee. – Abraham Lincoln

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