Coffee Break Reading: Starbucks Stories a Privacy Violation


This will be a short story…

I was working at “The Beast” on Post Oak and Westhimer doing a night shift when I decided to go to the restroom and I was handling my personal business when I looked up through the crack of the bathroom stall door and my shift supervisor was looking through. I didn’t know what to say or do but I tried to finish my business and then she said, “If you stand up it would be easier”. I kept my eyes off the door, blocked her voice out of head, opened the door to a gross smile and washed my hands.

I was embarrassed because my manager was a girl, and I have no issues with lesbians, I had an issue with being watched and I had to go back on the floor and work like nothing happened. My shift and I where cool but the relationship grew apart due to the “secret” we had and I didn’t know how to operate around HER anymore without knowing that she saw me at a private and vulnerable state. I felt trapped in my own thoughts about the whole thing.

Should I talk to her about it? Should I ignore it? Should I tell the store manager? I ultimately didn’t because I knew she would ruin my chances of becoming a shift supervisor like her. This particular shift had so much pull in the store you could blink wrong and get thrown to the streets without question. The management team back in 2011-12 at this location was so tight and influential they had baristas writing fake incident reports just to build a “case” to get people fired, demoted or put on finals.

So yes I was scared and I wasn’t going to say anything about “Peeping Sally” I need my job, I wanted to move up and I wanted to be accepted. So I kept quite.