3 Reasons Not to Drink Instant Coffee


1. The taste and flavor! Instant coffee is often made with inferior beans to drive down the cost, it has limited mouth feel, and more. There’s just no comparison with how fresh coffee tastes.

2. There’s no romance. The ritual of making your own coffee, brewing it just how you like it, is magical. But with instant, you can’t delicately infuse those sweet coffee grounds with water to achieve the perfect extraction. You can’t inhale the intense and intoxicating aromas as they dissipate into the air. Instant coffee is just an aerated slurp and caffeine jolt!

4. It doesn’t actually take that long  to brew a freshly roasted artisanal coffee. An AeroPress takes 60-90 seconds, a Hario V60 2 minutes, and an espresso (with a machine) an average of 25 seconds! Sure, instant takes about 2 seconds… but isn’t a minute’s worth of effort worth it for a much better coffee?

Wondering why health risks aren’t on this list? It’s because there doesn’t appear to be any conclusive evidence that instant is any better or worse than beans. However, just because something won’t kill you, it doesn’t mean you should consume it…