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Paroxysm  is a collection of blog post that will keep you asking questions about Mrs. Parker and potentially make you pick the phone and ask ” What the WHAT!!” You can enjoy this short read for literally a DOLLAR!


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on March 1, 2017
Relayed through a concisely bound assortment of short stories, vignettes and prose — this genre-defying and, at times, almost paradoxical collection of work takes you into the head and heart of a tender young soul with a gift for weaving words…

Ms. Parker brings readers along for a ride around the world as she perceives it. Sometimes with an almost idealistic innocence, and at others, the unabashed authority of a wisely jaded Old Soul — her viewpoints vary steadily in a way that can only come from youthful rejuvenability and honest intentions.

The result is an unapologetic and unflinchingly REAL voice that resonates with passion, purpose and proliferation.