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Good Morning!

Picture waking up to the humming of a bamboo flute, the kiss of cool air on your body and the patter of rain on your bedroom window. Spring time has always been your favorite season due to all the rain your city gets and it is so tranquil to listen to. Today is Saturday and usually at this time you are getting up and rushing to get to the office early but today you’re off so you have all the time to yourself.

You head to the bathroom, turn on the a hot shower, letting the bathroom fill up with steam and you turn on your stereo and let the song Tiny Lotus play. You love listening to meditation music in the morning, it relaxes you and sets the tone for your day. You get in the shower and let the hot water hit you all over and you go over a few todo things in your head and close you eyes and let the water wash away your sleep, yesterdays stress and reveal a new rejuvenated soul.

You’re trying to slow down on your coffee intake so you put the kettle on, opened the tea drawer and pulled out Chinese Hyson Green Tea that arrived a few days ago from Parker’s Cup. While the kettle is going you go to your closet and put on your Black Current jogging outfit you bought from Coffee Body & Soul two weeks ago, grab your Manduka yoga mat and head to the living room. The kettle started screaming for attention so you trot to the kitchen and you put a teaspoon of Chinese Hyson Green Tea into your coffee mug and pour. The smell fills your nose and you are taken back to a time when you grandmother made you tea for the first time. It was sweet, smelled like honey and warmed you on the cold days she would serve it to you.

You turn the stereo to a more upbeat sound to start your yoga to get ready for the blessed day. You lay your mat out and start in rest position and do some breathing exercises for about 1-2 minutes, really trying to get your body to relax and regulate. You lay on your back and you do a supine hamstring stretch on both sides then you move back into a rest position and breath deep for 1 to 2 minutes before getting into the cat’s pose. You finish your yoga in an hour and your body feels loose and relax as you just lay on your mat with your eyes closed almost falling back to sleep. You can’t fall asleep because the day awaits, even though it’s barely hitting 4:30 am. You slide into the kitchen and reheated your Chinese Hyson Green tea and retrieved your authentic stainless steel Chinese tea straw and enjoyed the body of your tea.

You look out your window and notice the rain has stopped but the sun still hasn’t made it’s grand entrance yet. You debate with yourself if you should go for a run or not knowing that it would put the cherry on top for the perfect morning. So you decide once the sun kisses the sky you will head out plus it would be a perfect time to try out those new Black Iced Tea running shoes you picked up from Coffee Body & Soul. You smile to yourself because this day will be a piece of cake.


Mrs. Parker


Hi, I’m Tiffany Parker! Kingwood has been my home now for 26 years and I am so in love with the community. I am currently a community event organizer, I became a full-time mother and business owner in 2018. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful son and husband, I am working on Koutour Event, Coffee, Body & Soul and Parker’s Cup!