Good evening!

You made it! You woke up relaxed and got your day started with yoga and coffee, powered through the afternoon with Yerba Mate and now your day is done.

You get through the door kick off those toe pinching shoes, turn on the smooth jazz and throw on something comfy. You head to the fridge and pull out La Grande Dame Blanc Vintage and pour yourself a well deserved glass and just take in your whole day.

You realized you hardly touched your wine. You rub your neck, moved your head from side to side and change the music to a more sensual jazz. You go outside to your deck where it all began and take in the deep sunset. You bend over and touch your feet, come up real slow and then lay on your back and lift your leg up and over. The stretch feels so good and then your up in indian style. You sit and take in the air, sounds, feelings and listen to your spirit speak.

You open your eyes and there is a cup sitting there. Intrigued knowing your king came home you walked through the house to the kitchen and he was pouring himself some Chamomile tea. He leaned in and kisses you and said this will be great for the wind down.

Good night,

Mrs. Parker