Dark Chocolate Candies

Novelty Gift

$25-10 dark chocolate pieces 14k gold leaf
$25-10 dark chocolate pieces with Organic Truffle Salt(very light)mixed without 14k gold leaf
$20- 10 dark chocolate pieces

You can see how the gold leaf is put on the chocolate in pictures.

$20- 10 pieces of White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate but they will be wrapped in SILVER foil. They do not have 14k gold leaf or the truffle salt.
*** $5 if you want to add**



Published by Tiffany Parker

Life has taken me in a direction I would have never picked for myself. I was born in a land that they described today as a war zone and raised by the strongest baby boomers of their generation. Graduated from a school of hard knocks a year early and fell into the arms of a transformed man. Found God then turned my back and crawled back when I realized I couldn’t do it by myself. Married a man who pulled out my gifts and helped me strengthen my talents and we introduced our version of ole blue eyes. We started selling coffee but this time without the siren on our backs and created our own brand of coffee that we occasionally sale at our community events. My life story is a secret but if you follow closely you just may see me.

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