Tour The World

Tour The World with our Parker's Cup Gourmet Coffee Club. Each month you will receive four half pounds each of different gourmet coffees, hand-picked and freshly roasted by our Roast Master. Discover exceptional arabica bean coffees from exotic locations around the globe. Monthly selections vary based on geographical location, recent harvest, and roast level. We … Continue reading Tour The World

Customize Your Bar!

Walnut Praline milk chocolate bar! I just packed 5 of these for a friend of mine work buddies! It’s a late Christmas gift but these are definitely not your average 1 sitting candy bar, you will need some help. If you want one for you and your buddies let’s build some custom candy bars! Bars … Continue reading Customize Your Bar!

Sweetheart’s Jar

The Sweetheart’s Jar by Parker’s Cup!! There is 34 pieces of heart shaped decorated chocolates. This is the perfect one of a kind gift to give to your sweetheart! Each jar will be different from the next because the decor on the chocolates will lay differently. Flavors White Chocolate Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate

10 Big Ideas in Coffee Right Now

This fast-changing, wide-ranging, ever-moving coffee world, explained. The year 2019 is one hell of a time to be investigating the world of specialty coffee. Here, Sprudge cofounder (and The New Rules of Coffee coauthor) Jordan Michelman grapples with no fewer than 10 nodes of the current coffee moment. Pour yourself a cup and pay for the refill. 1. The Future … Continue reading 10 Big Ideas in Coffee Right Now

12 Specialty Coffee Drinks to Keep You warm this Winter

Sick of complaining that it's cold when it drops below 70? Stuck without a family to celebrate Christmas with this year? Feeling as if you are, indeed, the only one not getting a New Year's kiss? For all these L.A. winter complaints and more, there sits bliss by way of the coffee bean. Alleviate the stress … Continue reading 12 Specialty Coffee Drinks to Keep You warm this Winter