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12 Specialty Coffee Drinks to Keep You warm this Winter

Sick of complaining that it’s cold when it drops below 70? Stuck without a family to celebrate Christmas with this year? Feeling as if you are, indeed, the only one not getting a New Year’s kiss? For all these L.A. winter complaints and more, there sits bliss by way of the coffee bean.

Alleviate the stress (and West Coast chill) that sneakily builds across the upcoming winter months with these 12 locally invented, seasonal coffee drinks that are sure to drive you away from your basic grande PSL in favor of class, impeccable taste and a little more energy to push through till spring.

Have a very caffeinated Christmas and a happy brew year.


Demitasse's pistachio rose latte; Credit: Brian Addison

Demitasse’s pistachio rose latte; Credit: Brian Addison

Demitasse Cafe: Pistachio Rose Latte
Bobby Roshan’s creations revolve around one idea, an idea he often scrawls on the chalkboard that sits outside his downtown cafe: “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks.” The coffee master eschews the obvious holiday palate profiles in favor of something like this, the pistachio rose latte. Created with a house-made pistachio paste, rose water, milk and the cafe’s roasted-in-house espresso, it’s a light offering that stands out from the eggnoggy staples. 135 S. San Pedro St., dwntwn.; (213) 613-9300.

Rose Park Roasters: Rosemary Ginger Molasses Latte
The famed Long Beach roaster just opened its first coffee shop — and its holiday offering eschews the all-too-common triad of cinnamon/pumpkin/mint flavors in favor of its own trio of flavors combined into one: the rosemary ginger molasses latte, a creation by barista Nick Rodriguez. House-made syrup — boiled and reduced the night before — is steamed with milk and the crew’s impeccable espresso blend. The result? A warm, seasonal welcoming at Long Beach’s newest go-to coffeehouse. 3044 E. Fourth St., Long Beach.

Gelateria Uli's affogato; Credit: Brian Addison

Gelateria Uli’s affogato; Credit: Brian Addison

Gelateria Uli: White Chocolate Peppermint Affagato
Uli Nasibova wants one thing and that is to take gelato and bring it into the culture-smashing culinary awareness that craft beer and specialty coffee have gained over the last few years. Having just opened eight months ago downtown, she also wants to cater to the caffeine crowd by way of her La Marzocco espresso machine — and what a breakfast she can serve. Not overpowering, her white chocolate peppermint affogato is the holiday season on a spoon: Watching Nasibova pour over a chocolatey espresso shot, we’re in decadent happiness. 541 S. Spring St., Suite 104, dwntwn.; (213) 900-4717.

Berlin's eggnog shooter; Credit: Brian Addison

Berlin’s eggnog shooter; Credit: Brian Addison

Berlin Bistro: Eggnog Shooter
Berlin Bistro in Long Beach is the epitome of cool: sleek design, great grub and an open neighbor to one of the best record stores in the county. (If you missed Weezer at Fingerprints, well, boo on you.) Here we have the cafe’s eggnog shooter, made with cold brew, a bit of very brandy-y nog, whipped cream and nutmeg. Ice cold — as a drink should be in SoCal. 420 E. Fourth St., Long Beach; (562) 435-0600.


Compañia de Café's horchata latte; Credit: Brian Addison.

Compañia de Café’s horchata latte; Credit: Brian Addison.

Compañía de Café: Horchata Latte
OK, so this is technically not a holiday drink, but Compañia’s year-round signature latte, with its subtle hints of cinnamon and rice milk, gives you the feelies like a Mexican Shirley Temple telling you how an angel gets its wings. With its newly opened second location in South Gate, there is little better than cheers-ing with Feliz Navidad. 4705 Firestone Blvd., South Gate; (323) 476-7201. Also at 110 N. Maclay Ave., San Fernando; (747) 500-7102.

G&B downtown; Credit: Brian Addison

G&B downtown; Credit: Brian Addison

G&B Coffee: The Pumpkin Spice Latte
Any true friend will steer you away from the basic-ness of corporate concoctions that seem to be held only by those whose feet are snugly planted in Uggs. G&B has done nothing short of flat-out highjacking Starbucks’ infamous holiday offering with its own pumpkin spice latte — for one day only, Christmas Eve, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. (unless you scored it at G&B’s offspring store, Go Get ‘Em Tiger, which served the specialty on Thanksgiving Day). This drink is an experiential revelation — the hyperbole is appropriate because the drink itself is so excessive. Launched for one day last year, G&B has brought back the drink in all its glory: a base made of ginger, allspice, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg is blended into milk, poured over espresso, and then topped with a waffle cookie and kombucha cream to break like a caffeinated crème brûlée. 317 S. Broadway, dwntwn. 

Copa Vida's crème brûlée latte; Credit: Copa Vida

Copa Vida’s crème brûlée latte; Credit: Copa Vida

Copa Vida: Crème Brûlée Latte
Speaking of caffeinated crème brûlées… Much like G&B, Pasadena’s Copa Vida aims to break the Internet with the way it develops its specialty drinks. Take, for example, the awesomeness that surrounds its crème brûlée latte. House-made vanilla syrup and milk steamed to perfection are wafted into some of Copa Vida’s growing-in-popularity brewed espresso, and then a layer of brown sugar is added on top and torched to burned perfection. The experience that is the sensation of cracking that caramelized sugar has never been so uniquely caffeinated. 70 S. Raymond Ave, Pasadena; (626) 213-3952.

Menotti's Noggoccino; Credit: Menotti's

Menotti’s Noggoccino; Credit: Menotti’s

Menotti’s: Noggaccino
Yup, we had to go here — and before snobby noses lift and a look of Brendan Jordan–like dismay paints your face at the idea of eggnog meeting coffee, understand one thing about Menotti’s: These Venice baristas and brewmasters know coffee. And their Noggaccino is a drink filled with enough spirit and subtlety to make even the most staunch of capp purists take at least one more sip. 56 Windward Ave., Venice; (310) 392-7232.


Makai's Christmas cookie cappuccino; Credit: Brian Addison

Makai’s Christmas cookie cappuccino; Credit: Brian Addison

Makai: Christmas Cookie Cappuccino
This little marvel is to be found at Makai, the savior of the Bluff Heights District in Long Beach, after the space it occupied housed coffeehouse failure after failure. The tiny space offers local Rose Park Roasters’ espresso along with alternating between 49th Parallel and George Howell beans. This special holiday concoction was created by barista Allison Bellows and consists of house-made syrup of Biscoff spread, ginger and brown sugar, which is then blended into milk. The choice of a cappuccino is essential, since it levels out the sweetness and provides an airiness that will put any partridge on a pear tree. 2771 E. Broadway, Long Beach; (562) 376-1980.

Brew/Well's white minty latte; Credit: Brew/Well.

Brew/Well’s white minty latte; Credit: Brew/Well.

BrewWell: White Minty Latte
When it comes to Brew/Well, the K-Town shop is not afraid to create astoundingly fantastic coffee drinks, especially when the holiday season arrives — and thank the coffee gods, because its concoctions are an escape when Christmas’ consumer-driven head slams into you after Black Friday. This white ninty latte is a creamy, smooth and subtle concoction that doesn’t overwhelm on either the white chocolate or the mint, creating a beautifully ice skating rink of deliciousness in your mouth. 3525 W. Eighth St., Suite 101, Koreatown; (213) 384-0884.

Cognoscenti's spicy chile mocha; Credit: Cognoscenti Coffee

Cognoscenti’s spicy chile mocha; Credit: Cognoscenti Coffee

Cognoscenti Coffee: Spicy Chile Mocha
Culver City’s best coffee shop, Cognoscenti, has built a name for itself (particularly its L.A. location at Proof Bakery, where one can score a pastry that was constructed to pair with a particular type of coffee it’s serving) — and rightfully so. The shops respect the culinary aspect of coffee, as displayed by its spicy chile mocha. First, the baristas make their own ganache, incorporating Santa Barbara–based artisanal chocolatier Twenty-Four Blackbirds’ drinking chocolate, ancho chile, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and vanilla extract with some boiling half-and-half. Take that, steam some milk and sift it though some espresso and you have yourself a spicy cup of chocolate perfection. 6114 Washington Blvd., Culver City, (310) 363-7325.

Credit: Brian Addison

Credit: Brian Addison

Espresso Cielo: 49th Parallel Holiday Celebration Blend
Surely, there are times when a list filled with milk, syrups, sugars and creative accoutrements needs to be pared down to the basic cup o’ joe. And while many — too many — coffee shops throughout L.A. offer phenomenal pours, there is something special about Espresso Cielo’s relationship with Vancouver-based roaster 49th Parallel, the brand the Santa Monica shop has solely served since it opened. In this case, the 2014 Holiday Celebration Blend, comprised of two Salvadoran beans by way of farming cousins Emilio Lopez Diaz and Haydee de Alvarez. It’s special in more ways than one, given the fact that El Salvador is becoming vastly affected by the fungus known as coffee leaf dust, making this blend’s mere existence a cause for celebration. A balanced, nutty brew with hints of orange peel mark it as the perfect holiday cup for those who don’t need the bells and whistles but want their spirits lifted. 3101 Main St., Santa Monica; (310) 314-9999.

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Gift Loafs!

You can’t go wrong sending baked goods as a gift! Baked to order and your choice of loaf gift wrapped in a bakers pan!

A great gift that keeps on giving!

Merry Christmas to you all!
Pineapple Rum loaf is made with rum, real pineapple, vanilla and a bit of honey and a cherry!

Banana Nut Praline is made with real bananas, mixed Praline coated nuts, vanilla and a bit of honey!

Double dark chocolate bourbon is made with dark chocolate,bourbon, vanilla and a bit of honey!

All loafs have egg and dairy

This cute gifted wrapped loaf will make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift!

What’s included?
1 Reusable bakers pan
2. The Ornament( each loaf has a different one)
3. Themed gift bag

Shipping or delivery are the same price.

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Franken-Fudge Brownie Flavored Coffee (Halloween Theme)

1 Pound
Decadently rich, our Franken Fudge flavored coffee is so frightfully delicious even Frankenstein would approve! Offering everything you’re looking for in a fudge brownie, this gourmet coffee is also infused with the flavors of maple walnut, European vanilla, and even a little hint of Southern pecan.

This flavored coffee has all of the flavors that can bring The Monster back to life, so you’re sure to get an electrifying jolt to start your morning. Just one cup of intense fudge flavor with 100% Arabica bean coffee will satisfy any coffee craving.

This flavored coffee contains nut extract.

Franken-Fudge Brownie is part of the Monster Mashup Collection.

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Enjoy a Muffin with your Coffee!


To welcome in the fall season I am having a week promotion on coffee and muffins!
You can order yours here:





We lightly roast our Arabica coffee beans and generously combine them with the flavors of warm toasted almonds that have been roasted to perfection, creamy French caramel, and hints of bittersweet butterscotch. Almond Toffee Crunch flavored coffee brews into an exceptional cup of gourmet coffee that is both rich and flavorful.

Freshly roasted the day it ships, our flavored coffee will be undeniably delicious!

This flavored coffee contains nut extract.

Order Now!

Hey all you dark chocolate lovers, this one’s for you! When you can’t get enough of your 20190813_091425.jpgfavorite chocolatey treat, you can brew up a pot of this decadent Dark Chocolate Flavored Coffee.

Feel free to indulge in this chocolatey delight. We use 100% Gourmet Arabica beans, carefully infused with rich dark chocolate flavor to bring you a truly delightful cup of coffee. Each batch is roasted fresh to order and ships on the same day. You can’t get any fresher than that!

Order Now



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Coffee Subscription

Flavored Coffee Club

Banana Hazelnut, Blueberry Cream, Coconut Rum, Macadamia Nut…Have we got your attention yet?

Join our Flavored Coffee Club and each month enjoy selections from over 120+ tantalizing flavored gourmet coffees. Prepare your palate (and your sweet tooth!) for four half pound bags of fresh roasted, Arabica bean, flavored coffee to be delivered direct to your door straight from our roaster.

Enjoy seasonal favorites throughout the year, be the first to sample our newest flavors and we will also offer you our all time customer favorites!

Picked each month by our in house Roastmaster, each flavor selection promises to fulfill all of your flavored coffee fantasies.

Gourmet Coffee Club

Tour The World with our Parker’s Cup Gourmet Coffee Club. Each month you will receive four half pounds each of different gourmet coffees, hand-picked and freshly roasted by our Roast Master.
Discover exceptional arabica bean coffees from exotic locations around the globe. Monthly selections vary based on geographical location, recent harvest, and roast level. We guarantee you will explore something new and exciting each month.

Gourmet + Flavored Coffee Club

“It all looks so fabulous, I can’t decide!” Well, now you don’t have to! Join our World & Flavored Coffee Club and we will deliver 2 half pound of single-origin gourmet coffee and 2 half pound of flavored gourmet coffee to you each month.
This is the best of both worlds! Enjoy select harvests from Bali to Ethiopia and treat yourself to flavored coffees inspired by the world’s finest sweets and confections. Our in house Roastmaster will choose only our best coffees to share with you each month.
Each and every bag will be fresh roasted the day of delivery to ensure the finest quality flavor and aroma. Enjoy!

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You made it! The day is over

Good evening!

You made it! You woke up relaxed and got your day started with yoga and coffee, powered through the afternoon with Yerba Mate and now your day is done.

You get through the door kick off those toe pinching shoes, turn on the smooth jazz and throw on something comfy. You head to the fridge and pull out La Grande Dame Blanc Vintage and pour yourself a well deserved glass and just take in your whole day.

You realized you hardly touched your wine. You rub your neck, moved your head from side to side and change the music to a more sensual jazz. You go outside to your deck where it all began and take in the deep sunset. You bend over and touch your feet, come up real slow and then lay on your back and lift your leg up and over. The stretch feels so good and then your up in indian style. You sit and take in the air, sounds, feelings and listen to your spirit speak.

You open your eyes and there is a cup sitting there. Intrigued knowing your king came home you walked through the house to the kitchen and he was pouring himself some Chamomile tea. He leaned in and kisses you and said this will be great for the wind down.

Good night,

Mrs. Parker


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Iced Jasmine Peach Green Tea

This week, we’re sharing a recipe for delicious Iced Jasmine Peach Green Tea, our twist on a traditional Jasmine green tea. This beverage is versatile enough to drink hot, cold or frozen popsicles.

We’ll be back next week with another wholesome recipe.

Happy brewing,
Parker’s Cup


•Parker’s Cup Jasmine Green Tea
•Monin Peach Syrup
•Frozen Jasmine Tea ice cubes
•1 sliced peach
•16 oz. frosted glass
•2 mint leaves

Step 1 : Pour 8 oz. of brewed and cooled Jasmine Tea into a 16 oz. pre frosted glass.

Step 2: Add 3 full pumps of Monin Peach Syrup from Parker’s Cup and stir well.

Step 3: Add your frozen Jasmine tea iced cubes, sliced peaches and mint leaf.

Step 4: ENJOY!!!

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Good morning!
Picture waking up to the whisper of healing chakra and the cool kiss on you body from the fan. You head to the bathroom and splash some cold water on your face to wake up. It’s only 5:30 am and you feel your soul dancing to the sound of your body.
You put on your yoga pants and over sized sweater and head towards the kitchen. Since it’s Friday and your off no need for coffee instead you prepare yourself Berry Berry Tisane. You grab your yoga mat and head to the deck that overlooks the river and you take a deep breath.
The sun is peeking over the horizon and the now the Mystical River is beating through your veins as the melody flows through the house into your ears. Your eyes are closed but you see the light from the sun as it rises. Your breath in and you bend over to touch your toes. You come up and you lean forward and raise one leg behind you and breath out.
Your journey is almost complete and your body is free from stress. You are connected with your inner self and have released all tension into the universe. The sun is at full bloom and you open your eyes and the river sparkles as if it was filled with diamonds.

Mrs. Parker

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Good Morning!

Picture waking up to the humming of a bamboo flute, the kiss of cool air on your body and the patter of rain on your bedroom window. Spring time has always been your favorite season due to all the rain your city gets and it is so tranquil to listen to. Today is Saturday and usually at this time you are getting up and rushing to get to the office early but today you’re off so you have all the time to yourself.

You head to the bathroom, turn on the a hot shower, letting the bathroom fill up with steam and you turn on your stereo and let the song Tiny Lotus play. You love listening to meditation music in the morning, it relaxes you and sets the tone for your day. You get in the shower and let the hot water hit you all over and you go over a few todo things in your head and close you eyes and let the water wash away your sleep, yesterdays stress and reveal a new rejuvenated soul.

You’re trying to slow down on your coffee intake so you put the kettle on, opened the tea drawer and pulled out Chinese Hyson Green Tea that arrived a few days ago from Parker’s Cup. While the kettle is going you go to your closet and put on your Black Current jogging outfit you bought from Coffee Body & Soul two weeks ago, grab your Manduka yoga mat and head to the living room. The kettle started screaming for attention so you trot to the kitchen and you put a teaspoon of Chinese Hyson Green Tea into your coffee mug and pour. The smell fills your nose and you are taken back to a time when you grandmother made you tea for the first time. It was sweet, smelled like honey and warmed you on the cold days she would serve it to you.

You turn the stereo to a more upbeat sound to start your yoga to get ready for the blessed day. You lay your mat out and start in rest position and do some breathing exercises for about 1-2 minutes, really trying to get your body to relax and regulate. You lay on your back and you do a supine hamstring stretch on both sides then you move back into a rest position and breath deep for 1 to 2 minutes before getting into the cat’s pose. You finish your yoga in an hour and your body feels loose and relax as you just lay on your mat with your eyes closed almost falling back to sleep. You can’t fall asleep because the day awaits, even though it’s barely hitting 4:30 am. You slide into the kitchen and reheated your Chinese Hyson Green tea and retrieved your authentic stainless steel Chinese tea straw and enjoyed the body of your tea.

You look out your window and notice the rain has stopped but the sun still hasn’t made it’s grand entrance yet. You debate with yourself if you should go for a run or not knowing that it would put the cherry on top for the perfect morning. So you decide once the sun kisses the sky you will head out plus it would be a perfect time to try out those new Black Iced Tea running shoes you picked up from Coffee Body & Soul. You smile to yourself because this day will be a piece of cake.


Mrs. Parker

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Earth Day 2019

There are many ways you can take part.

The Focus for 2019

This year, the focus for Earth Day as set out by is “Protect Our Species.” With a list including the bees, coral reefs, insects, trees, birds, fish, and other wildlife flora and fauna, there are plenty of individual causes you can get behind.

Plant Something

Planting something is the best way to help the Earth while helping our environment. Many people choose to plant a tree or join a group that plants trees, especially since Earth Day falls so close to the date of the original Arbor Day. But trees aren’t the only thing you can plant.

For example, to help the bees, plant a bee garden. Choose to plant single bloom flowers and have plants that flower year-round. Include hyacinth and wild lilac in the Spring, hostas and bee balm in the Summer, and zinnias and asters in the Fall. The plants with single blooms provide more nectar than those with double blooms.

If you use a lot of herbs, plant an herb garden. There’s nothing like cooking with fresh herbs. A great appetizer is sliced fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, and basil from the garden. Drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with freshly cracked pepper and salt. YUM!

Read Your Pesticide Ingredients

If at all possible, only use pesticides that are made with all natural ingredients. Especially stay away from pesticides using neonicotinoids. It is believed that insecticides made with this ingredient are contributing to the decline in bee activity.

Clean It Up

Check with your local government to see if there is a cleanup event. Parks and waterways are a typical focus for these events. Helping to keep your area clean not only keeps the aesthetics up and the value of the area higher, but it also helps keep local wildlife healthy.

Reuse It

If you don’t already, try using a reusable water bottle or a reusable coffee cup. Keeping those plastic bottles and styrofoam cups out of the landfills will definitely help the environment.

Drink Organic

Check out the Organic coffees available on the Parker’s Cup website. Made without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers, our Organic coffees are a delicious way to do some good.

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Coffee Changes As The Age Of Coffee Drinkers Lowers

In case you haven’t noticed, the general age of the coffee drinker has gotten lower over the years. Now, this isn’t necessarily a surprise nor is it a reason for concern, but it does point to a few changes we’ve been seeing in coffee of late.

Catch the Wave

There are currently four waves of coffee culture. To understand how coffee consumption has changed over the years, one needs to understand what each coffee wave means.


First Wave

This is coffee as we typically think of it. In the 1800s coffee was introduced to the middle class. New ways of preserving coffee like vacuum-packaging and instant coffee were discovered. Lower prices and marketing to the masses dominate the first wave of coffee.


Second Wave

The second wave of coffee takes us into the “Specialty” realm. Unlike gourmet or premium, specialty coffee must meet or exceed certain criteria. For example, during a taste-test, specialty coffee must score 80-100 in order to be given the term specialty. Consumers want to know more about where these coffees come from and second wave coffees can answer those questions.


Third Wave

This wave is quite intense. People want to know the entire back history of the coffee beans they are consuming. Including where they are grown, how they are grown, and how exclusive the coffee is. Think of this as a combination of transparency and art.


Fourth Wave

The newest wave of coffee almost brings us back full circle. People who fall into this wave believe that automation of coffee preparation must be rolled back. Going back to a more hands-on approach, rather than using a coffee maker or single-serve machine, fourth wave coffee drinkers opt for slow coffee. Pour Overs, Chemex, mocha pots, and boiling water in kettles – this is the fourth wave coffee drinker.


Knowing this information will better help to place different coffee drinkers into their proper categories. Truly, though we are talking about the actual chronological age of coffee drinkers, age doesn’t much matter. Coffee drinkers of any age can fall into any of these waves of coffee. It just seems to coincide with the lowering in the age of coffee drinkers.


Age of Coffee Consumers

Yes, the average age of the coffee consumer has lowered. Just think, not that long ago we would never have included the age group of 13-18-year-olds in a report about drinking coffee. That would have been considered too young. But today, we see quite a few of this age enjoying coffee. The average age when people start drinking coffee has dropped from 17 to 14. That is definitely going to make a difference in how coffee is perceived, enjoyed, and sold.


Younger palates prefer sweeter tastes. And the American palate already skews sweet to begin with. Therefore, it is not surprising to see sweet coffee drinks being promoted at your favorite cafe. So, let’s look closer at this.


Flavor of the Beans

Prior to the past few years, most of the coffee you could get in the store all essentially tasted the same. Arabica bean coffee blended with a robusta was the usual mix. Today you find coffees that are exalted for their unique flavors. Not only the usual chocolate and caramel, but there are also fruity notes, floral notes, and earthy notes are popular for our younger demographic.


There is a multitude of blends now, as well. As we’ve discussed before, blends are created for a few reasons, one of them being flavor. Of course, not all flavor comes from the beans alone. Some flavor comes from items mixed into the coffee – think syrups, milks and milk substitutes, sugars, etc. It’s not surprising to see coffees with unique flavors mixed in now with the wide variety of flavorings available. Expect to see more sour/sweet offerings as the younger adults who once grew up on Garbage Pail Kids start buying coffee for themselves.


Gourmet and Specialty

Younger generations seem to strive to enjoy life more. They wish to experience the best of what life has to offer. Because of this, we see much more than the coffee choices that used to be available in the grocery store. There are multiple gourmet and specialty coffee choices that can be found, not just in the store but also from coffee shops and cafes as well as online.


Youth in coffee has brought a desire to know where coffee comes from (remember the third wave?). Does this mean that it has only been recently that people have been able to get coffee from a specific region? No. What it does mean is more and more people are able to and interested in the coffee and its background.


We now see coffee from regions – South America, Africa, the Caribbean – as well as from specific countries – Yemen, Jamaica, Colombia. There are even some coffees that come from a specific farm! Gourmet and specialty coffee are extremely popular today.




Sure, you can still run into the grocery store to grab a bag or can of coffee, but many of our younger adult age groups see the potential in having most items delivered straight to the door. You have an infinitely wider variety of coffees from which to choose, you can cut down on potential impulse purchases, the cost is often comparable to what you can get in the store, and the time savings by having something shipped means more time for family, friends, and other interests. Don’t be surprised to start seeing coffee delivered by drone!


What Do You Think?

Where do you fall in the four waves of coffee? What do you think of the changes and do they affect you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Why Do We Need Coffee Blends?

Coffee blends… what’s so great about them? With the sheer number of tasty single-origin coffees on the market, you would think there would be no need to blend coffees. Is it a marketing ploy or is there a reason for coffee roasters to make blends?


We’ll start with price. Blending coffees is a great way to make more affordable choices. For example, a large number of commercially available coffees in your local grocery store are blends. Many are blends of arabica and robusta. The addition of arabica gives robusta (a less expensive species) better flavor by dampening the bitterness. Other blends may take an expensive arabica bean, say Jamaica Blue Mountain, and mix it with a less expensive arabica bean of similar flavor profile to make a JBM that is more wallet-friendly.


The next reason for blending is to develop a desirable flavor profile or how it feels in your mouth by adjusting certain aspects of the coffees in the blend. For example, if you have a coffee with rich body and great flavor but it doesn’t have a great mouthfeel, you can blend in a bean that has a similar flavor profile that has a smooth or silky mouthfeel to create a delicious coffee with an ideal finish. Or a blend might bring out a sweet and fruity flavor.


Consistency is another reason for blending. Coffee beans can vary from harvest to harvest with inconsistent flavors or textures. Blending beans can help ensure each batch has the same flavor profile and mouthfeel every time. This is extremely important since consumers expect each batch of a certain coffee they purchase to be the same as the last.


As for marketing, sure, blends can be a way for a coffee house or roaster to market itself. These coffee blends are typically exclusive to the venue and often include the word “signature” in the name. This isn’t to say that these blends aren’t also delicious and designed to adjust the flavor or for the price, but at its core, this particular type of blend is to give the café or roaster a name for itself.


A fear of some consumers is that cafes or roasters blend coffees just to use up whatever is left over. This is extremely rare, however. We won’t say it never happens, but it not the usual reason for creating a blend.


Now we know the why of blending, let’s take a look at the how. Coffee roasters will have a cupping of the coffees they purchase to get a baseline for what each one tastes like. They try different roast profiles to see which one give the bean its best taste. They then begin the blending process. Using their knowledge of the flavor of each of the coffees, the roaster begins to combine different beans, tasting and adjusting along the way, until they find just the right mix.

This is a big job as blending coffees can backfire causing a blended coffee to be flavorless or bland. The purpose of blending is to make the coffee delicious and perk up your taste buds, not put them to sleep.

Types of Blends

Though each roaster or café may have different blends from other roasters or cafes, but there are some that are common. You will typically see a Breakfast Blend or an After Dinner Blend. Other usual blends combine regional beans.